Saturday, April 28, 2012

Ami Probashi...

All of us who stay outside Kolkata, yearn to get back to the city of Joy at least once in a few days. While in the city, we keep complaining about its traffic, its hot weather and even its political condition. However, when we come back to the cities where we work or are settled for some reason, we realize that no matter how convenient our place of stay may be, it can never match our beloved Kolkata.

Yes, I am proud to be a Bengali and I know a lot of us are... I was born there and have spent crucial 12 years of my life there. I have been staying in Bangalore, Chennai and Mumbai for almost a decade now. But still, the craze about the city has never died.

While choosing a theme for my blog, the first idea that came up was to talk about the City of Joy.

So friends, here I create this forum to share mine and your thoughts and feelings about this wonderful City.

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  1. yes, indeed city of joy!!! i think, in recent times the city appears to flatter to deceive...i have been travelling to kolkata five days a week from barrackpore for the last 20 years and see the sea of change. earlier, the road to kolkata was lively, though narrow. it was lined with green trees of different varieties, planted probably 100 years ago. people drew solace during summer. it used to be an avenue of life. but, with the passage of time, a 'bhoot' called 'developement' overtook the administration. they wanted to construct 'metro' linking kolkata with the town of mangal pandey !! not satisfied with two-lane bt road, metro had to be built and for that all the well blossomed trees had to be uprooted ruthlessly. while driving to kolkata today, i feel as if i am passing through an area which was hit by 'tsunami' !!! uprooted trees lying on either side of the road and the 'vested interest'or call it 'syndicate' making hay while the sun shines !!! this picture of developement has not been projected in public by the so active 'environmentalists'. my question is , was this necessary ? wasn't there any other option ? i say this, because the city of joy is not limited to tolly and shyambazar today.