Sunday, April 29, 2012

Remembering Friends!!!

It was an unusual lazy Sunday today. Completed the usual household work and then there I was… All alone, sitting idle and thinking what to do next…
Suddenly an idea popped up. Started looking for the contact number of friends who have not been on my calling list for more than a year now.  Soon after I realized that a lot of them had changed their numbers already and I may not be able to contact them forever. This led me to a series of thoughts and I recalled the days when THESE friends had been everything to me.
A lot of us make hundreds of friends during the course of our life. But, as we climb up the stairs of our career, we keep losing them. Only those who stand the test of time remain friends forever. During my college days, even I had made a bunch of friends. On the day of Farewell, we all promised to keep in touch with each other. We managed to keep our promise at least for the first 3 months. Then, the calls became less frequent. Thanks to the social networking sites, the calls disappeared. Instead, we started either pinging or leaving a message on their profiles. And then, we got busier and eventually lost touch with each other. I know a lot of us have the same feeling. But, I fail to realize that why don’t we take the same enthusiasm that is there for building new relationships to save the older ones.  How can we forget that these are the people who were there with us when we were NOBODY?
Anyways, I have decided that somehow, I am going get in touch with all those dear ones who have disappeared from my life due to unknown reasons and would try to revive my relationship with them at least once from my side.

Let me know if you share the same feelings and would try to search for them at least once now.


  1. Perhaps, the idiom 'a friend in need is a friend indeed' may have been mooted. This happens in life of every individual at one stage or the other. all but one stage stands out glaringly as an exception- the school life. there is no motive, malafide intention, conspiracy, whatever u call.we gelled as if coming from the same tree, irrespective of the family backgrounds. we did not know where one would end up after leaving this stage of life.some would remain in touch and maximum would get lost in the web of time and in pursuance of their career, having no time to look back...But, even a moment's contact could rekindle the lost days of school reminding Jagjit Singh's ghazal..' mujhse le lo meri shourat, jawani...par lauta do mera pyara sa bachpan'...