Monday, May 28, 2012

MasterChef @ Dahisar West

I love experimenting with food. Every weekend I have made it a ritual to try out a new eatery and let all my friends know about it.
So... I started off with this recently opened Food joint "MasterChef" at Dahisar West (Besides Mc Donalds).

If you are planning to go there on a weekend, start early as it gets pretty crowded by 9 pm.
The service was good and the staff was polite.
Coming to the Menu... It wasn't quite impressive as it seemed to be a mix of several cuisines and you may get confused while deciding upon what to eat.
We ordered for a broccoli and corn soup which was amazing. In the main course, we thought of trying something in Thai and so ordered Kaproi Chicken which was nothing but minced chicken steamed in some thai sauces. This was followed by Burnt Ginger Garlic fried rice and Shredded Chicken in lemon sauce. All of them tasted good but the Chef could have definitely done better. The restaurant is not much expensive and a proper meal would cost approximately Rs 1000.
I would give this place 3 out of 5.
Try it and let me know about your views as well.


  1. My friend and I had dinner at Master Chef on July 12, 2012. We were greeted at the door and promptly seated. The lighting and temperature was comfortable and the ambience was well above average for Borivali and Dahisar. A waiter handed us a menu that contained about 4-5 different cuisines. We decided to start our meal with salads. My friend ordered the oriental salad and I picked the calamari salad. After taking two bites I noticed an inch long worm in my salad. I immediately called the waiter and showed him the worm. He took the plate and started showing it to other waiters and finally to the manager. The manager approaches me with a callous attitude and tells me he will get me a fresh plate. He was obtuse to the fact that, I WAS SERVED FOOD WITH A BIG WORM IN IT. He then asked us if we would like anything else, I had lost my appetite by then and wanted to leave. At this point he brings the bill for the salad. We just smiled and paid the bill. Just before leaving we were asked how everything was and all I could think of, was the fact that I just ate salad from a bowl with a big worm in it and it is even more amusing that I actually had to pay for it.

    1. I am not much surprised to know that these guys had done such a blunder... I had been to MasterChef yesterday as well with my husband. I noticed that, the service quality has diminished and they were not very vigilant about the food that they served. May be because of the increasing foot-fall but that cannot be an excuse to serve worms...