Sunday, June 10, 2012

Am trying to lose some weight

A lot of us take care of our health and figure before marriage. But somehow, it takes a backseat as soon as you get married. I was very careful about my diet and my health when I was a spinster. Every time I went to a restaurant I made sure that I am working out enough to compensate for the calorie intake. But all this changed as soon as I got married. I didn't feel guilty for overeating, while relishing on junk food... And before I realised, I had touched 92 Kilos...

I have taken a resolution now, I am gonna watch what I eat and gonna take care of my health just like before...

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  1. Like every year, isnt it ? my dear girl, tell this to ur grandson or grand daughter....i will tell how to reduce weight. stop spending before earning step...i will tell when u have reduced 5 kgs..ok ?