Friday, June 29, 2012

Abstract Glass Painting

I injured the ligament of my right foot last weekend. The doctor advised my 3 weeks of bed rest. Its been hardly a week now and am already thinking of going back to work with my injured foot.

I kept thinking what to do at home and thus came the idea of glass painting to me. Though it had been on my mind for sometime now, but I never really got time for this. But now, I have ample of time and so my husband got me a bunch of glass colours and a sheet of glass to convert my thoughts into reality. And here is what I created...
After outlining with a glass outliner. I took the design from a website.

The Final Look...

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  1. Ur maiden creation has left me spellbound. I really cant imagine u growing up to become so good in putting ur thoughts on glass so beautifully. Well,i amend myself today and accept that "u r a good artist too !!!". u have made me proud, my dear...i will take this as one of the best presents from a daughter on 'Father's Day this year. By the way, please tell me the idea lurking behind this glass picture..what is the inspiration...etc. always try to give the inspiration, idea, thought behind every creation so that the idea can be bought to make it more understand ? Initially run riot with colors so that u present yourself as colorful person and convey the idea to people that the life is full of colors and beautiful.