Sunday, July 15, 2012

Khyber @ Mumbai Fort, Kala Ghoda

I was searching for a good restaurant for authentic North Indian flavours in Mumbai. After a lot of research discovered Khyber at Mumbai Fort. In the beginning I was a bit apprehensive about going all the way to Mumbai Fort just to have Lunch. But somehow my husband convinced me for the same and thus we had our lunch at KHYBER this weekend.
To start with, the ambience was awesome. I loved the way this place is decorated with traditional Afghani sensibilities. The staff was polite and ready to serve their customers. The menu consists of the same old North Indian dishes that you can find in any other eatery that serve cuisines from Northern part of the country.
In the beginning we ordered Paya Shorbas followed by Chicken Kalmi Kebab. The kebabs were succulent and the flavours were simply awesome. As a part of main course, we ordered a portion of Peas Pulao and Mutton Rara. The food was very good but I didn't find it exceptional the way various websites had quoted it to be. For desserts, we ordered for Firni that was equally nice. An average meal for two would cost you somewhere around Rs 2000 or more. I found the place a bit overpriced as the Menu doesn't have much variety. However, if you are somewhere near Fort/Colaba and want to taste some good North Indian food, KHYBER is the place to be...
If you have already visited this place or are planning to visit, let me know about your views as well. I would be waiting for your comments...

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