Friday, August 10, 2012

Eleven Minutes by Paulo Coelho

 "Love is a Terrible thing that will make you suffer..."

This is what the book is all about, Pain, suffering and Pleasure... 
The protagonist, a young Brazilian girl thinks of making it big and due to a chance meeting with a stranger,  lands up at a bar in Geneva as a prostitute. When she is almost convinced that there is nothing called true love and the whole world revolves around only sex; she meets a young painter who sees her inner light. Now, the protagonist must choose between the dark path she is on and to find her inner light.

This is a daring Novel that depicts how the world revolves around those 11 minutes and how every relationship is dependent on it. Though the book was interesting, there are certain pages that can easily be missed. At times the author loses track of the story however, it ends in a typical Filmy way.

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